Gyakuten Sekai no Denchi Shōjo: Rumble Garanndoll Anime's 1st Video has been released

On Friday, the official website for Gyakuten Sekai no Denchi Shjo: Rumble Garanndoll (literally, Turnabout World's Battery Girl) released its first promotional video and main visual. The anime's main cast, storey introduction, and October television premiere were all revealed on the website and in the video. (The words "Rumble Garanndoll" appear on the website, but it's unclear whether that's the English title of the work, a subtitle of the Japanese title, or a tagline.)

The main characters are:

Seiichirō Yamashita as Hosomichi Kudō, a club host who works less-than-legally at Tokyo's Kabukichō district

Ai Fairouz as Rin Akagi, a fan of anime and live-action tokusatsu (special effects) works

Aina Suzuki as Yuki Aoba, an underground idol

Shiori Izawa as Misa Kuroki, a genius hacker who loves retro games

The story begins in 2019, just before the change in historical eras for Japan. A rift to another dimension suddenly opens in the skies above, revealing a "turnabout" alternate world called "Shinkoku Nippon." This parallel version of Japan maintained its militarism and remains stuck in the Showa era. Shinkoku Nippon invades our Japan with its "Genmu" gas weapons (on which our own modern weapons have no effect) and giant humanoid "Garan" weapons. The invaders immediately take over our government and all but conquer Japan. As a result, our Japan never ushers in the Reiwa era.

A decade later, our Japan has been revamped as Genkoku Nippon, a puppet state of Shinkoku Nippon. Under harsh censorship, the once thriving manga, anime, idol, and similar sub-cultures have completely died off ... or so it seemed.

At the studio Lerche, Masaomi And (School-Live!, Scum's Wish, Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun, Astra Lost in Space) is directing the anime. Makoto Uezu (Scum's Wish, The Heroic Legend of Arslan, Kengan Ashura) is in charge of the series scripts, while Akio Watanabe (The Fruit of Grisaia, The Eden of Grisaia) is in charge of character design and Keiko Kurosawa (Astra Lost in Space, Scum's Wish) is in charge of animation adaptation. The animation is produced by EGG FIRM.

Watch Trailer:

Sources: Gyakuten Sekai no Denchi Shōjo anime's website, Mainichi Shimbun's Mantan Web


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