A new serialization Started for a former hero returning from another world gets involved in a death game on a school trip

Kuroyama Plating's new serialization "I'm a former hero returning from another world, but I was involved in a death game" based on the original work by Ono Sorachi started in the September issue of the monthly Comic REX (Ichijinsha) released today on July 27th. did.

A comicalized version of the novel of the same name in the open space, this is a battle fantasy depicting the former strongest hero, Ise Kaito, who returned from another world. Kaito, who saved the world in a different world, returned to the original world and enjoyed his daily life as an ordinary high school student. Kaito came to the long-awaited school trip, but suddenly he and his classmates got caught up in the stage of the death game where a man in military uniform ruled the place. In addition, in this issue, the one- shot "Parafilians" by Masakuni Igarashi of "Senryu Girl " was published.


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