Dragon Ball Super Upcoming Movie Title Announced with Teaser Video

The official title of Akira Toriyama's "Dragon Ball Super" theatre version of the latest work by the original is "Dragon Ball super-super hero." Simultaneously, the most recent video, Goku's new visual, was released.

This was revealed during the "DRAGON BALL SPECIAL PANEL" programme at the online event "Comic-Con @ Home 2021" in San Diego, California. In addition to Masako Nozawa, who played Son Goku, Akio Ino of Shueisha, who is the executive producer, and Shihiro Hayashida of Toei Animation, who is in charge of the producer, discussed the back end of the work. Nozawa agreed to the title, adding "superhero" to the original "super," saying, "That's right!!". "It's amazing that the supermarkets overlap twice!" said Ino, and Hayashida added, "I want you to look forward to who will play an active role and what new characters will emerge this time as a superhero."

In addition, new visuals of characters such as Piccolo, Krillin, and Bread will be released one after the other in the programme. Toriyama's original character design was also shown. "I think it's okay to affirm that it's one of the greatest relationships ever!" Ino said of Toriyama's script for this work. "I believe it's a masterpiece for him." Toriyama's enthusiasm was also lauded by Hayashida, who stated, "Every time he gives new challenges to anime." "Dragon Ball Super Hero" will be a national road show in 2022.

Source: Comic Natalie


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