Inori Minase's Interview on her 10th Single Hello Horizon Release

On July 21st, voice actress Inori Minase released her memorable tenth single "HELLO HORIZON." Oricon News spoke with her, who celebrated the "turning point" of her artist activities last year, to reflect on the new song production episodes, the thoughts put into the songs, and her musical activities thus far. Minase has been concerned about "expressing herself," but she has recently noticed a shift. What was the watershed moment? We spoke with the person in charge of music-related activities.

Ideas that swell from “video” What is your own way of expressing yourself?

Last year, we celebrated the 5th anniversary of our artist activities, but this is our 10th single, and this is also a milestone work. Please tell us your feelings again.

[Minase] The number of works is increasing because we are continuing our activities, but above all, I think it is because there are people who listen to the songs. Under such circumstances, this time it was the 10th piece, so I was able to challenge the expression that can be done only because I continued the jacket picture so far. Monochrome is a world view that I couldn't express at the time of my debut, and I thought I'd try it because there is a bond that the team members such as designers, cameramen, makeup, and stylists have walked together. However, I'm glad that I feel that I've had a very meaningful time so far.

It is said that it is a challenge because you have accumulated a career, but Mr. Minase has been desperately searching for "your own expression", but now your "music you want to do" and "expression you want to do" are Did you find it?

[Minase] I still don't know how to express myself, but I realized that I like the act of "becoming". At the time of my debut, I had a strong image that I had to keep running solo activities by myself, but now I receive the opinion "How about this kind of world view?" We respond to that view of the world with our ideas. I'm still not good at coming up with ideas, but I like to get keywords and think about approaches. It's fun to chew and drop in your own way, and it's time to feel "manufacturing."

The black-and-white jacket copy is also a nice finish, but what kind of work are you actually doing when you think about your own expression method with the keywords as a trigger?

[Minase] I often imagine "what kind of facial expression" or "what kind of eyes" in my head as an "image". I've been watching anime a lot since I was little, so what comes out is not pictures or illustrations, but images. Even during the actual shooting, the cameraman follows me, who moves as I want, instead of the same pose all the time, and I often shoot like "Aun's breathing" while moving. It's a feeling of searching for "like this" while trying within the fluctuation range of "like this" within me. That's the style of recording.

It may be unique to Mr. Minase that ideas come to mind in the video.

[Minase] It's an image that you can't imagine a still image, and the moment you think "this!" In the flowing image, it pauses for the first time.

A turning point in changing the way we think about live activities, which we describe as “trials”

I think you learned it naturally, but when did you start to practice the approach to the expression of “Minase-san style”?

[Minase] When did you start ... I like to imitate the singing style of idols and female singers, write anime lines in notes, mute the TV and take dubbed videos on my cell phone, like "free study" I had a lot of fun doing it (laughs). When I think about it now, I'm not good at putting myself out, but I think that the feeling that I like to express myself while becoming something has been around since I was little. .

that's why when he became active in the solo, after all the first single is because it was working and I think things get a look at the "life-size of their own", none of the, such as personality and facial expressions "true self is including song It was very difficult at that time.

Do you mean that you can now bring "Narikiri" to yourself?

[Minase] That's right. Even though I'm a solo artist, I think it's good to express "if I sing this kind of song" and "if I'm like this" instead of "looking at myself" and "listening to my own song". I will. I think that if we can continue to expand the "things that are in me" plus "what we can do because of this work" and "what we can do because of this song", we will be able to see various aspects.

What was the turning point for you to think so?

[Minase] It's a live concert. For me, live concerts are a place of trials and I'm very scared, and there are many moments when I feel like I'm singing on stage. Even if I'm rehearsing, I sometimes get wondering what the environment is like with so many staff members for me, but every time I say, "Because I'm supported by so many people." It's also a time when you can feel that "you can live" and "the people who are looking forward to this live are waiting for you". For me, the live is "a time to experience the carrot and stick" or "a time to like and hate myself" (laughs).

Every time there are different trials and different happiness, various walls stand up for each performance, and sometimes I hit it with my bare hands or overcome it unexpectedly lightly, and I face it while thinking that there is no really the same live every time.

I was surprised that you were performing live with that kind of feeling.

[Minase] I think that the live will deliver various scenes with various tunes like a "play" within a fixed time, but at the time of the first live, it ended without being sharpened ... .. After repeating the live performances, I realized the ideals such as "I want to be like this here" and "I want to be like this here", and after I knew that I could become various "colors" during the live performance. I came to feel that it was a place where I could become various people while singing and see them, and it was a pleasure I found in myself.

And although it's a challenge, I feel relieved when it's over. There are things in live performances that can only be felt live and cannot be replaced by anything, so I think that is the real thrill of continuing artist activities.

here, I would like to ask you about the new song. The title is such that the word "horizon" gives a hint of a new beginning, but did Mr. Minase give you any image or request?

[Minase] This time, it was the OP theme of the TV anime "How a Realist Hero Reconstruction", so I thought it was a role to express the color and message of the work in a song. It was the same when I sang the theme song so far, but this time as well, I helped the work, such as having my own "new side" that can be drawn out because of this work, and being able to sing such songs because of this work. I was able to expand my musicality while being done.

The work is set in a different world of fantasy, but it also has a realistic message as the anime title says "realism". The beginning of the intro, the A-melody, and the B-melody give a profound feeling, and the feeling that the world changes at once in the chorus, and the image of aiming for your own horizon step by step are common to the message of the work. I think that there. And since my music has step by step so far, I think there is today, so it became a song that was well linked.

When you listen to the story, you get a very positive impression, but on the other hand, the lyrics are not optimistic, and you feel the energy to turn the hesitation and suffering into the power to move forward. How did Mr. Minase feel and what kind of feelings did you have?

[Minase] The values ​​of Soma Kazuya, the main character of the anime, and the unshakable realism are also the same, but giving up is not uncool, but thinking about how to fall in your own way and the risk if you fall anyway. It is a work with a realist side, such as how to fall to the minimum. That's why the lyrics aren't "I'm sure it's okay", but at first they are a little negative, and the emotions that only people who know the setbacks think are lined up, and I personally think that the lyrics are easy to enter into the story. It's pretty crisp to be told to "turn ahead" at the beginning, but that's why I was surprised that it wouldn't stick in my chest.

It's a song that starts with a strong message, isn't it? There are some other impressive words such as "I can't see anything unless I try to see it", but is there any phrase that Mr. Minase was particularly interested in?

[Minase] I like the message of falling rust. "I thought there was no one in the world that I was looking for" was the moment when I realized that "I can do this" while meeting the surrounding environment and various people. I didn't notice it, so I think the lyrics give me hope. I feel the growth of the hero in the song because I noticed it myself instead of being told by someone, and that led to the last chorus that I decided to sing to save my life. It's a phrase that encourages me while singing because it makes me feel like "I'll do my best if I can still do it."

It's been 6 years since you made your solo debut, and you've been active in releasing 10 singles and 3 albums. For Mr. Minase, what is the driving force behind his continued musical activities?

[Minase] It's the warmth of people. I'm the type who gives up rather quickly, and I've always been thinking about risks, but I thought, "Sometimes it's okay to go on an adventure," thanks to my artist activities. I think. Not only friends and family, but also the fans and teams that I was able to meet through the activities are very big.

Especially in my music, "I was pushed back to convey my feelings for my loved one" and "I was able to deepen the bond through the song of Inori Minase", someone somewhere in my music I was proud of this work when I found out that it supported my activities. I myself have been walking to this day while being pushed by various artists, so when I think that I am also someone like that, I feel like I can take another step.

As with Mr. Minase, there are many people who are both active as voice actors and artists, but are there any inspirations from the songs and activities of other voice actor artists?

[Minase] When I was watching the live performances of the artists who are active on the same label, everyone's color was really dark. Nana Mizuki, Yui Ogura, Sumire Uesaka, Mamoru Miyano, Shouta Aoi, etc., who are big seniors, have different views of the world that are expressed while waiting for their individuality, so we will be together at festivals etc. Then it's fun and purely inspired by the music you make. Besides, everyone has a well-established personality, and I sometimes feel that being a natural person is my personality.

Everyone, there is something that draws you because of the world view that you can't do. I don't think it's appealing to do the same thing, but conversely, it's because of the labelmates that I found that "being me is what makes me unique." It was decided that "I will walk this way".

Source: Oricon News


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