Jikyū Sanbyakuen no Shinigami Manga by Idumi Kirihara Ends

On Monday, the final chapter of Idumi Kirihara's Jikyu Sanbyakuen no Shinigami (A Psychopomp for 300 Yen an Hour) manga appeared in the September issue of Futabasha's Monthly Action magazine. On October 12, Futabasha will release the manga's third and final volume.

The manga is an adaptation of Fujimaru's novel of the same name. The plot revolves around Shinji Sakura and his classmate Yuki Hanamori, who he discovers is a psychopomp, or someone who helps dearly departed souls move on from their attachments and unfinished business in this world. Shinji finds it unbelievable at first, but Yuki invites him to accompany him to a job that happens to be Shinji's old childhood friend and first love.

In July 2020, Kirihara will publish the manga in Monthly Action. On May 12, Futabasha released the manga's second compiled book volume. Fujimaru's original novel was published by Futabasha in December 2017.

Kirihara's manga adaptation of Yoru Sumino's I Want to Eat Your Pancreas novel was licenced alongside the original novel by Seven Seas Entertainment, as was Sumino's I Had That Same Dream Again novel and Kirihara's manga adaptation.

Source: Monthly Action September issue, Anime News Network


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