Living in an abandoned bus (Hai Bus ni Sumu) Vol. 1 and Live Action PV release

On July 21st, Ichihi's "Living in an Abandoned Bus" Volume 1 was released.

Mr. Amemori is a lovely and mysterious teacher. She was forced to relocate for some reason, and her new home was an abandoned bus in a vacant lot. A "single-person in-car comedy" woven by a self-paced teacher and the people who are at her mercy. It's being serialised in Comic Walker as a Web Comic Apanda label work. To commemorate the publication of the book, a live-action PV and commercials were also made available on YouTube.

Staff and Character:
Main character: Hazuki Amemori
Story & Art: Ichihi

Source: Comic Natalie, Kadokawa YouTube Channel


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