Tropical-Rouge! Precure Anime Film is releasing on October 23

Toei Animation unveiled the new anime film for the Tropical-Rouge! Precure anime on Wednesday. Tropical-Rouge Eiga! Precure: Kiseki no Yubiwa to Yuki no Princess! (Tropical-Rouge! The Snow Princess and the Miraculous Ring) will be released in Japan on October 23. Tropical-Rouge! Precure! and the earlier Heartcatch Precure! series will be combined in this film.

The film is set in the wintry land of Shantia, where Manatsu and the others are invited by the land's princess Sharon. However, a mysterious monster assaults Shantia as they arrive, and the city is sealed off to outsiders.

Sharon will be played by Marika Matsumoto in the film.

The film is directed by Junji Shimizu (Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart), and the script is written by Yoshimi Narita (Yes! Precure 5). Shiho Terada has returned from Tropical-Rouge to compose the music. Ken Ueno (Heartcatch Precure! Hana no Miyako de Fashion Show...Desu ka!?) is the chief animator and character designer. The art director is Takashi Kurahashi, and the colour designer is Naomi Kiyota. The CGI director is Yusuke Osone. The director of photography is Kenji Takahashi. The production manager is Masahiro Murakami. "Shantia Shiawase no Kuni" (Shantia Land of Happiness) is the film's theme song.

Tropical-Rouge! Precure had its Japanese premiere on February 28. The anime is being streamed live on Crunchyroll.

The anime has a "sea" and "makeup" theme. A transformation item shaped like a cosmetics compact will be featured in the show. The tagline of the anime is "Makeup can transform you! Unstoppable motivation!" Manatsu is the protagonist of the anime, who moves from her small island birthplace to a city and begins middle school. On the day she moves, she meets Laura, a mermaid girl on the hunt for the Precures, the "legendary warriors." Laura's home country of Grand Ocean, a mermaid country, has been attacked by the "procrastination witch," who has stolen the country's "motivation power."

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