Tsuki no Mame work “It’s time for adults from here.” Vol. 1 Released

"It's time for adults from here" the first volume of Tsuki no Mame. Has been made public.

The main character of this work is Mikan Sasaki, an office lady who has a constitution that can see spirits for a long time. She has recently been worried that her boss, Akutsu, who is unrequited love, has a large amount of spirits. One day, Mikan was taken care of by Director Akutsu when he was drunk alone in the park. When I offered to apologize for the inconvenience, Director Akutsu asked me to sleep in the same bed ... A clumsy man and woman share a bed and shorten the distance between their hearts.

About the title:
Title: It's time for adults from here
Japanese: ここからはオトナの時間です。
Romaji: Koko Kara wa Otona no Jikan Desu
Author: Tsuki no Mame

Voice drama video:

Special PV:

Official website: https://cocooto.com/

Source: Comic Natalie


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