180-byou de Kimi no Mimi wo Shiawase ni Dekiru ka? Anime's Cast Announced

From the top left, Shiori Mikami as Moonlight Sawaya, Suzuko Mimori as Akimizu Kagami, and Azumi Waki ​​as Yomitsu Sawaya. From the bottom left, Kanae Ito as Ame Sawaya, Yu Serizawa as Nanako, Aoi Koga as Kanako, and Sei Hayami as Jiro.

The cast information of the original TV anime " 180-byou de Kimi no Mimi wo Shiawase ni Dekiru ka? " With the theme of ASMR has been announced.

"180-byou de Kimi no Mimi wo Shiawase ni Dekiru ka?", Which started broadcasting in October, is a short animation that allows you to experience various ASMRs in 180 seconds. Hero "you" of the childhood friend of high school girls - Gecko Chanko and Sawaka moonlight auditors Shiori Mikami , a class mate, Akimizu Chanko and Shusui Kagami role of Gecko-chan suzuko mimori plays. Also a sister, Yoko Chanko and Sawaka sunlight role of Gecko-chan Not Kazu氣AS , mother, Amayomi Chanko and Sawaka rain読役the Gecko-chan Kanae Ito , the Nanako role is the sister of "you" Yu Serizawa , as well Aoi Koga plays the role of her sister Kanako, and Susumu Hayami plays the role of Akimizu's father, Kyojiro . The story depicts seven Gecko-chans being attracted to the charm of ASMR. At the same time, comments were sent from Mikami, Mikami, Waki, Ito, Serizawa, Koga, and Hayami.

180-byou de Kimi no Mimi wo Shiawase ni Dekiru ka? Anime's Cast Announced

Furthermore, it has been decided to sell audio works that are ideal for getting started with ASMR for four consecutive weeks. In the audio work, you can experience ASMR of earpick recorded in the voice of the cast. Handled on the sales site DLsite, "Gecko-chan's earpick special" by Mikami, who plays the role of Moonlight Sawaya from September 9, and "Akimizu-chan's first earpick ♪" by Mimori, who plays the role of Kagami Akimizu from September 16th. , "Yoko-chan's cool ASMR and earpick ♪" by Waki, who plays the role of Yoko Sawaya, will be released from September 23, and "Forbidden baby spoiled earpick full course ♪" by Ito, who will play the role of Ameyomi Sawaya, will be released sequentially from September 30. Will be done.

Comment from Shiori Mikami (role of Moonlight Sawaya)
I can sympathize with Gekko-chan's addiction to ASMR, and it is a work that even beginners of ASMR can easily enter. In addition, unique characters will deliver a lot of comfortable sounds, so please look forward to it ♪
ASMR and animation combination is the first in the industry, so how will it be aired? I'm very excited myself!

Comment from Suzuko Mimori (role of Kagami Akimizu)
Akimizu, who I play, is a shy girl who has no friends and is a deep-rooted girl, but she is a cute and healthy character who strives to deepen her relationship with Moonlight through ASMR.
I myself am a beginner in ASMR, so I hope I can learn a lot with Akimizu.

Comment from Azumi Waki ​​(role of Yomitsu Sawaya)
Because sunlight chan free unrestrained leisurely sister, or been chillin healed in its pace, sometimes or a little mischief in the ear, pounding and comfort to me you ♪ at the same time
so that you can be happy the ears of everyone, my best sunshine sister Play!

Comment by Kanae Ito (Ame Sawaya)
When I first read the script, Mr. Ameyomi's impression was that he was a mother, but he has a very charming personality and is shorter than me !!! It's just a little. Is height one of the factors cast by Ameyomi ?? Lol It would be great if
there was such a mother nearby! I will play with playfulness and spoiling fully open so that you can think!

Comment from Yu Serizawa (role of Nanaco)
Nanaco is an older brother LOVE !! Even if you're excited, you can do it for your older brother.
I think ASMR is important for both unreality and real tea, so I'll do my best to make you feel like Nanaco suddenly appeared in the daily lives of the people who listened to it!

Comment from Aoi Koga (role of Kanako)
My name is Aoi Koga and I will be in charge of the role of Kanako.
Kanako-chan has a relationship with Nanaco-chan, who plays Serizawa-san, and twins, so I think I'll play it happily so that you can fully enjoy the "twin-likeness" while making a difference as a character. The children have different ways of speaking, so please listen carefully ...!

Comment from Sei Hayami (role of Jiro)
I wonder if Kyojiro is wild and a little decadent. I think it's different from the characters I've played so far.
I'm a little worried about how far the dialogue can be delivered three-dimensionally by using the dummy head microphone (ASMR), and on the contrary, how you can accept it, but I'm enthusiastic that I can perform well in production. Please look forward to it.

 Source: Comic Natalie


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