Additional Cast Announced For Komi Can't Communicate Anime

Additional Cast Announced For Komi Can't Communicate Anime
Makeru Yadano (CV: Ami Maeshima)

Ami Maeshima will appear in the TV anime " Komi Can't Communicate " based on Tomohito Oda, and Emi Bridcut Sarah will appear in the role of Akiko Onigashima .

Yatano is a character who hates to lose because he sees Mr. Furumi as "the best person in his class" and wants to beat her for some reason. Onigashima has a cheerful personality and is said to be "the number one childhood friend wants", but when he gets angry, he is a character that cannot be touched. Comments also arrived from Maejima and Bridcat.

Akiko Onigashima (CV: Bridcut Sarah Emi)

"Komi-san is a comedy." Is a beautiful girl, but when she tries to talk to another person, her facial expression becomes stiff due to tension. A comedy that meets and struggles to make 100 friends, albeit clumsy. The animation will be broadcast on TV TOKYO and others every Wednesday at 24:00 from October 6th.

Comment from Ami Maeshima (role of Yatano)

Impression of this work
I thought it was a very adorable and lovable work.
The more I read it, the more I loved all the unique characters, and I was really happy to be involved in this work.
I'm not good at communication myself, so there are many scenes that I can sympathize with. I felt that it was a wonderful work that warmed up.

Impression of the character to be played and enthusiasm for the role
Makeru Yadano fell in love with me in an instant.
What a healthy, straight and cute girl.
Regardless of what he pretends to be, his full-fledged attitude is very attractive, and the place where he is barely biting his claws with a terrific face is also lovely, and he is a fan who just expects what kind of appearance he will see this time. I am a member of the club.
I hope that one day Yadano-chan will be able to beat Komi-san, and I will do my best to challenge each dubbing seriously!

Bridcut Sarah Emi (role of Akiko Onigashima) Comment

Impression of this work
The first time I saw it ... how many years ago?
I caught my eye when I bought Sunday and read it casually.
After reading the title and wondering if it's a gag type, youth
romantic comedy !!
I was also impressed by the beauty and gap of Mr. Furumi (laughs).

Impression of the character to be played and enthusiasm for the role
I will play the role of Akiko Onigashima.
Akiko has a lively and friendly impression! ... But when I get angry ... It's hard (laughs) I'm always
conscious of being bright and friendly, but when I'm angry and suddenly change, I'm conscious of acting horribly.

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