Blue Thermal Glider Club Manga Gets Anime Movie & Releasing in March 2022

Blue Thermal Glider Club Manga Gets Anime Movie & Releasing in March 2022

Kana Ozawa "Blue Thermal-Aonagi University Athletic Association Aviation Club-" will be made into an anime movie. It will be released in March 2022.

"Blue Thermal-Aonagi University Athletic Association Aviation Club-" is based on the theme of aircraft and gliders flying in the updraft (thermal), and became a university athletic association aviation club including Tamaki Tsuru, a girl who has worked hard until high school. A youth story that depicts the people to which they belong. It was serialized in the monthly comic @ Bunch (Shinchosha) from April 2015 to November 2017, and a total of 5 volumes have been published. In 2018, it was made into a VR movie. Along with the announcement of the animation movie, cast staff information will also be announced. Mayu Hotta plays the role of Makoto Tsuru and Tamaki Tsuru, Nobunaga Shimazaki plays the role of Jun Kuramochi, who belongs to the aviation club of the athletic club, and Junya Enoki plays the role of Daisuke Sorachi, who also belongs to the aviation club of the athletic club . The director is Masaki Tachibana , the script is directed by Tachibana and Natsuko Takahashi, and the animation is produced by Telecom Animation Film. Comments arrived from Directors Hotta, Shimazaki, Enoki, and Tachibana, and illustrations and comments from Ozawa.

In addition, the teaser visual and special news will be released. In the teaser visual, Tsurutama, Kuramochi, and Sorachi are drawn against the background of the blue sky where the glider flies, and a catch phrase "I fall in love with this sky." Is written. Along with the narration by Hotta, the special newsletter included a scene in which Tsurutama was excited about the university life that was about to begin, a scene in which Kuramochi and Sorachi appeared, and a scene in which Tsurutama looked up at the sky with a glittering expression.

Kana Ozawa (Original author) Comment
"Blue Thermal" is a treasure that I drew with all of myself at that time, even if it was immature and rough .
In the important world, this in the very situation
a lot of people, including the Tachibana director in accordance with the power
that you'll blown a new life, I think really happy. Thank you to everyone who has been
politely involved and to everyone
who has read and supported us so far. Perhaps I'm most looking forward to the
day when
my favorite white glider runs through the blue sky on the screen !
Thank you very much.

Comment from Mayu Hotta (role of Tamaki Tsuru)

I wanted to do a voice job someday, so I was just happy when I heard the audition results. With the image of "the beautiful blue of the sky," which is also the theme of this work, I challenged myself by wearing blue clothes with all my thoughts in the audition.
I had a lot of learning every day with Mr. Shimazaki, Mr. Enoki and other people who are active on the front lines. It was difficult for me to do many things for the first time, but thanks to everyone, I enjoyed the play very much.
Tsuru Tamaki, who I played, is an innocent and hard-working girl who changes her facial expression. It's a wonderful heroine that makes everyone smile while watching. I played as hard as I could while staying close to Tamaki's straightforward thoughts. It is a work that makes you want to look up at the sky involuntarily. We hope you will enjoy the "beautiful sky" on the big screen of the theater!

Comment from Nobunaga Shimazaki (role of Jun Kuramochi)

Both the original and the script of this work were interesting, and I was absorbed in reading it all at once. I think everyone has had a longing for the sky once, but I wanted to come here and fly again. I wonder if I can feel the scenery from the glider that will change my values ​​so far.
Jun Kuramochi, who I played, was always comfortable and easygoing, and he was blessed with talent and the environment. I really like the role of having a solid backbone with heavy circumstances, so I enjoyed playing it very much. The actual recording is very fun, and we believe that what we think is a good work, interesting, and fun will surely be conveyed to everyone who sees it. It's a really good work, so I definitely want you to enjoy it straight at the theater, leaving it to your own sensibility. Something wonderful will surely remain in your heart.

Comment from Junya Enoki (role of Daisuke Sorachi)

By reading the script of the original and the current work, I felt that it is a work that depicts the bonds of the team and the growth of each character through the sport of glider, and also involves love and a refreshing youth. I thought I'd do it while remembering when I was a college student, but it was difficult because I hadn't experienced such a dazzling youth (laughs). Daisuke Sorachi, who I played, is a character who often runs into the main character, Tsurutama (Tsuru Tamaki). It's also a repulsion that comes from my longing for Kuramochi (Jun Kuramochi) and gliders, so I'm a good girl with a passionate heart, though I'm crazy. And I was looking forward to seeing how the sky, which is the stage of this work, would be drawn from the dubbing stage. Please look forward to the power of the glider and the depiction of the scenery!

Comment from Masaki Tachibana (Director)
A life-sized story in which I read the original story and draw a strange club activity called the aviation club with a bright and refreshing touch, while Tamaki, who is not anyone, struggles to find "my place" while involving the surroundings. I felt it.
Mr. Hotta, who plays Tamaki, swallowed the instructions of the play very quickly from the time of the audition, and it was unanimously decided with Mr. Takayuki Yamaguchi, the sound director. Mr. Hotta played the simpleness and cheerfulness of Tamaki with the brightness unique to him, and I was impressed by the intuition that he immediately responded to this unreasonable swing. The appearance of working on the play with all his might overlaps with Tamaki, and the staff has the vitality to draw vividly so as not to lose the voice, and the drawing is also very expressive.
After watching the movie, I hope it will be a work that will make you feel energetic and "let's take a positive step". In addition to the charm of the story, we are working hard so that you can experience the "exhilaration of flying in the sky" and the "charm of the sky" because of the animation. Please stay tuned.

Source Blue Thermal Film's website


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