First Volume of Four Titles Released in Glast Comics

A ghost psychic who leads an army of immortality, changes jobs and becomes an SSS-ranked adventurer.

Starts Publishing launches electronic comic label Glast COMICS. Today, August 27th, one volume of four titles was released.

Glast COMICS revolves around different world fantasy works for men, which have been published in the electronic comic magazine comic Glast. The first issue lineup includes the original by Sakakibara Monsho, the original draft of the .suke character, and the drawing by Bloody Shelf Mosquito, "Fushi no gunzei o hikiiru botchi shiryōjutsushi, tenshoku shite SSS ranku bōken-sha ni naru.(The ghost psychic who leads the immortal army, change jobs and become an SSS rank adventurer.)" Volume 1, Chokingyo. Umehara Ume's original drawing "Hara peko maō to horyo yūsha! ~ Maō ga ore no heya ni meshi o kui ni kuru ndaga ~
(Hungry Peco Demon King and POW Hero! -The Demon King Comes to Eat My Room-) " Volume 1, "Tensei-saki wa kaifuku no izumi no naka ~ kurushikute mo shinenai jigoku o norikoeta ore wa sekai saikyō ~(Reincarnation Destination is the Fountain of Recovery" by Aoba Yuu Medium-I'm the strongest in the world overcoming the hell that I can't die even if I'm in pain-) "Volume 1 and" Ichimaru's original Zero Hachinet drawing "Yūsha pātī o kubi ni natta ninja, shinobazu ni ikimasu (Ninja who got angry at the brave party, live without sneaking) " 1 volume lined up .

Stomach Peco Demon King and POW Hero! -The Demon King comes to my room to eat-

To commemorate the launch of Glast COMICS, one volume of a separate volume will be distributed free of charge at some electronic bookstores from today to September 9. In addition, the trial reading part of each volume has been increased by 20%.

The reincarnated destination is in the fountain of recovery-I am the strongest in the world overcoming the hell that I can not die even if it is painful-

Ninja who got fired from the brave party, live without sneaking


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