Free! -The Final Stroke Anime's Third Trailer Released

Free! -The Final Stroke Anime's Third Trailer Released

The trailer for the first part of "Free! -The Final Stroke-", which will be released on September 17, has been lifted.

"Theatrical version Free! -The Final Stroke-" depicts young people aiming for the top of the world facing water and competing with each other, set in Sydney, the dream place that Haruka Nanase once visited. The trailer released this time begins with Haruka's words "That day, the scenery I dreamed of, starting from here", how Rin Matsuoka and Ikuya Kirishima talk about their thoughts, and Kaede Kaneshiro, a rival aiming for the top of the world. , Alberto Volandel was also cut out. In addition, Haruka, Rin, and Ikuya ride on the train side by side with familiar characters such as Makoto Tachibana, Sousuke Yamazaki, and Asahi Shiina, and the appearance of juniors such as Nagisa Hazuki, Rei Ryugazaki, Aiichiro Nitori, and Momotaro Mikoshiba. It also contains a scene of looking up at a memorable cherry tree.

"Theatrical version Free! -The Final Stroke-" produced by Kyoto Animation will be screened in two parts, the front and back. The second part of the movie will be released on April 22, 2022. Tomorrow, August 27th, the "Mubichike Card with Character Revival Postcard Set" will be on sale at the screening theater and the mail-order site Major.

Source: Kyoto Animation Yotube Channel


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