Summer anime "Girlfriend, Girlfriend" Rika and Saki are in a state of promptness⁉ To Naoya who has begun to notice Rika's feelings ... Episode 8 Pre-cut

Girlfriend, Girlfriend

From the TV anime "Girlfriend, Girlfriend", the synopsis / preceding scene cut of the 8th episode "I like it no matter how you look at it" was released from Friday, August 20th.

The original of "Girlfriend, Girlfriend" is a neo-standard romantic comedy serialized by Hiroyuki in "Weekly Shonen Magazine". Naoya, the hero of the first year of high school, was at the height of happiness when he succeeded in confessing to Saki, who he had always liked. However, Naoya suddenly asks Naoya, a beautiful girl, to go out with her. Naoya, who is shaken by Nagisa's good people, makes a decision ...

Girlfriend, Girlfriend

The title of episode 8 is "I like it no matter how you look at it."

Rika, who appears in his classroom to meet Naoya and gives out a little bit, is in a state of promptness with Saki who tries to pay attention to it. Naoya, who was watching the situation, thought that Saki might be worried, and hugged Saki openly in front of everyone in the class.

Girlfriend, Girlfriend

Saki and Nagisa, who are troubled by Rika who follows Naoya not only in the school but also while leaving school, finally lie to Naoya who has begun to notice Rika's feelings.

"Girlfriend, Girlfriend" episode 8 "I like it no matter how you look at it" will start broadcasting on August 20th (Friday) in the MBS, TBS, BS-TBS "Animeism" frame.


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