The 4D version of the third episode of "Garpan Final Chapter" will be screened on October 8th, and BD / DVD will be released on December 24th.

Girls and panzer final chapter in 4dx

The theater screening of MX4D and 4DX in the third episode of the anime "Girls & Panzer Final Chapter" will be held from October 8th. Along with this announcement, a new key visual, a new PV for 60 seconds, and a new commercial for 15 seconds were released.

The third episode of the anime "Girls & Panzer Final Chapter", which began showing in theaters on March 26th. The new key visual depicts Miho Nishizumi, Kinuyo Nishi, and Mika jumping. The PV and CM are finished in a video packed with the charm of the 4D version, in line with the narration by Ikumi Nakagami , who plays Yukari Akiyama . Please note that the 4D screening of episode 3 has been changed from the two episodes announced at the start of the series to one episode each.

It is also clear that the Blu-ray / DVD of the third episode of "Girls & Panzer Final Chapter" will be released on December 24th. At the same time, the Blu-ray / DVD announcement PV and CM were lifted. Both include new OVA "Daikon War!", Non-credit ED of "Daikon War!", "Tank course of Yukari Akiyama-Unique amphibious tank-", and PV / CM collection. As audio benefits, cast commentary by Mai Fuchigami as Miho Nishizumi , Asami Seto as Kinuyo Nishi , Naomi Ohzora as Haru Fukuda , Madoka Yonezawa as Tamaki Tamada , and Ami Nanase as Shizuko Hosomi will also be included. The jacket uses an illustration drawn by Fumikane Shimada. As a bonus only for the Blu-ray version, a set of 2 bonus discs containing events such as stage greetings and live broadcast specials was prepared, and staff members attended by director Tsutomu Mizushima , military supervision Naoya Tamura, and 3D director Keiichiro Yanagino. A commentary and a 48-page booklet are also included.

In addition, and A-on STORE have limited editions with different benefits. In addition, corporate benefits such as a newly drawn B2 tapestry, storage box, blanket, and clear poster were also released. Check the official website for details such as target stores.

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