Given Uragawa no Sonzai Anime's New Trailer Released!

The PV and new scene cuts of the new animation "Given Uragawa Existence", which depicts the story of "Uragawa" in the middle of winter and the beginning of summer, which was not drawn in "Movie Given", have been released.

The original of "Given" is a BL comic serialized by Natsuki Kizu in "Sherri Plus" at Shinshokan. It will be broadcast on Fuji TV's "Noitamina" frame from July 2019, and "Movie Given" will be released in August 2020, and the number of spectators has exceeded 150,000.
It is a youth story that depicts the love and growth of four rock band members.

This time, the PV of this work and a new scene cut have been released. In the video, scenes that were not depicted in the movie, such as the appearance of midwinter colliding in the classroom with Lixia, who met for the first time in a long time, and the appearance of midwinter going out to the summer festival with the yukata dressed by Hiiragi. You can get a glimpse of.

In this PV, the sound source of Given's new song "Uragawa no Existence", which is the theme song, has also been released for the first time, so be sure to check it out as well.

The new anime "Given Uragawa no Yuu" will be included in the bonus DVD of the original book "Given 7 Anime DVD Limited Edition" (4829 yen including tax) released on December 1, 2021. The deadline for manga reservations is August 29, 2021.

Source: Anime Anime


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