Gunjo No Fanfare Anime Announced, First Trailer Reveals 2022 airing

Gunjo No Fanfare Anime Announced, First Trailer Reveals 2022 airing

The production of the original TV anime " Fanfare of Adorescence " has been decided. It will be broadcast from the spring of 2022.

"Fanfare of Adorescence" is a youth ensemble drama of boys aiming for jockeys, set in a horse racing school. The admission rate is 10 to 20 times, and the growth of 15-year-old boys who have spent three years in the jockey course of the horse racing school after passing through the narrow gate where qualities such as physical and motor function tests as well as academic tests are required. be painted.

The cast of the main character is also revealed. Shogo Yano will play the role of former popular idol Yu Arimura , Shimba Tsuchiya will play the role of the island-raised boy Shun Kazenami, and Natsuki Hanae will call out to Amane Grace from the prestigious England . Yu was the center of a famous idol group, but was impressed by the race he saw for the first time at the racetrack and took the horse racing school. Originally from the Izu Islands, Shun grew up listening to horse racing broadcasts on the radio, and although he had no experience in horseback riding, he demonstrated his natural sense. Amane is an Englishman, a former jockey father, and an elite who has traveled to horse racing schools in various countries before coming to Japan. A teaser visual that spotlights Yu, Shun, and Amane has also been released.

The director is Makoto Kato of the anime "The Case Files of Lord Elmeroi II -Magic Eye Collection Train Grace note-" , and the character design is Hiro Kanzaki, who is known for the original illustration of "My sister can't be this cute". Is in charge. Hiroyuki Sawano of the " Attack on Titan " series handles the music , and Lay-duce is in charge of animation production.


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