Tear Naru and Mantoshi Hattori's "Isekai de, nanchatte ōkyū nāsu ni narimashita" Manga First Volume Released

Isekai de, nanchatte ōkyū nāsu ni narimashita

The first volume of "Isekai de, nanchatte ōkyū nāsu ni narimashita" by Tear Naru and Mantoshi Hattori was released today on August 27th.

The story starts when the main character, Wakana, who works in the terminal ward, is sent to another world. Wakana arrived on the battlefield, flooded with injured Moonlight Crusaders being chased as a defeated army. Wakana, who was asked by a doctor to help her, makes an outstanding performance by making use of her modern nursing knowledge. Meanwhile, the second prince, who leads the Moonlight Crusaders, appears in a state full of scratches .... It is being serialized in the electronic magazine Berry's Fantasy as a comicalized version of the novel of the same name by tears.

Source: Berry's Cafe


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