KALMA is in charge of the ED, a new video that you can listen to the OP of the anime "MUTEKING" ORANGE RANGE


The broadcast start date of the TV anime " MUTEKING THE Dancing HERO " has been decided on October 2. In addition to the main visual being released, information on the opening theme and ending theme was also revealed.

"MUTE KING THE Dancing HERO" is a work based on the hero gag anime "Muteking, the Dancing Warrior" produced by Tatsunoko Production, which was broadcast from 1980 to 1981. The released main visual was drawn by Yuichi Takahashi, who is in charge of the main character design, and the main character, Muteki, DJ, and a mysterious black shadow are drawn. It was also announced that Shinji Setani is in charge of character setting and animation director.

The opening theme will be ORANGE RANGE 's "Labyrinth" and the ending theme will be KALMA 's "Song of Hope". You can listen to these two songs on the new PV released on YouTube.

The TV anime "MUTE KING THE Dancing HERO" will be broadcast on TV Osaka every Saturday from 25:26. It will also be broadcast on TV Aichi, TOKYO MX, and BS Nippon Television.


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