Karada Sagashi Manga Gets Live-action Film Adaptation and actress Kanna Hashimoto in lead

Karada Sagashi Manga Gets Live-action Film Adaptation and actress Kanna Hashimoto in lead

Actress Kanna Hashimoto will star in the movie "Karada Sagashi" (released in 2022), which is a live-action version of the popular manga serialized in the manga app "Shonen Jump +" (Shueisha), on August 27. It became clear. A horror work in which the main character of a high school student, Asuka Morisaki (Mr. Hashimoto), is involved in a mysterious phenomenon that loops the day of being killed many times with her childhood friend and four classmates. Director Eiichiro Hasumi, who will take the megaphone for the first time in about 6 years since the movie "Assassination Classroom-Graduation Edition-" (2016) with Mr. Hashimoto. We are planning an all-location in Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka Prefecture from September.

"Karada Sagashi" is based on Welzard's novel posted on the novel posting site "Everystar", and the manga drawn by Katsutoshi Murase was serialized in "Shonen Jump +" from 2014 to 2019. "Shonen Jump +" was the first work to have been viewed more than 100 million times. The cumulative circulation of the comic series is over 3 million. In 2017, it was also animated for the smartphone app "Tate Anime".

 Mr. Hashimoto, who plays the lead role, said, "I will be with Director Hasumi, who will take the megaphone for" Karada Sagashi ", which will be the lead role this time, for the first time in six years since" Assassination Classroom-Graduation Edition- "released in 2016. I'm really looking forward to it. This work is not just a horror, it has many action scenes, there are plenty of highlights, and I think that it will be a work that you can not take your eyes off until the end. I hope everyone will pay attention to it. Commented.

 Director Hasumi said, "I want to make a screaming attraction movie that will try your luck in the school building at midnight with friends and lovers. How does Kanna Hashimoto, the heroine who never gives up in despair? I'm looking forward to acting powerfully from now on! I'd like to make the audience excited, so please look forward to it. "

The original Welzard said, "Since I was writing the original on the novel posting site" Everystar, "I have finally made a report on the live-action movie that many readers have been hoping for. I'm still a big fan of Kanna Hashimoto, so I still can't believe it. How will Hashimoto play the gentle and strong-willed hero Asuka in the original story? Also, Takahiro and Rumiko will appear. I can't wait to see what kind of relationship I will have with the person. "

 Continuing on, the theme of the original is "There are as many worlds as there are people's thoughts". The world of "Remember-member" developed in different media such as novels, manga, and movies I hope everyone enjoys it from their own perspectives. I also expect the fear of not being able to sleep at night. "

Sources: Film's Official website, Mantan Web


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