Kensho Ono is Cast as Oboro Shirakumo in The Anime My Hero Academia

Oboro Shirakumo

On Saturday, the official My Hero Academia Twitter account announced that Kensho Ono will play Oboro Shirakumo in the show's ongoing fifth season. Shirakumo, who was Aizawa and Mic's high school best friend, made her debut in the season's 19th episode (107th overall) on Saturday.

For the second course of the fifth season, the show entered the "Internship at Endeavor's Agency" arc of Khei Horikoshi's original manga (second quarter of a year). The new opening theme song "Merry-Go-Round" is performed by MAN WITH A MISSION (Vinland Saga, The Seven Deadly Sins, Log Horizon, Golden Kamuy), and the new ending theme song "Uso ja nai" is performed by Soushi Sakiyama (2.43: Seiin High School Boys Volleyball Team) (Not a Lie).

Kensho Ono

On March 27, the season premiered in Japan. Both Funimation and Crunchyroll are streaming the anime in English with subtitles. The season's English dub is available on Funimation. So far, the fifth season has covered the original manga's "Joint Training" arc, which pits class 1A against class 1B. On May 8, the season premiered on Adult Swim's Toonami programming block.

The first 13-episode season of the anime aired in April 2016. The second season, consisting of 25 episodes, premiered in April 2017, and the third season, consisting of 25 episodes, premiered in April 2018. In Japan, the fourth season premiered in October 2019 and lasted 25 episodes. Last August, a two-episode original video anime for the franchise aired in Japan, and the episodes were streamed on Funimation and Crunchyroll.

In July 2018, the film My Hero Academia: Two Heroes was released in Japan. In December 2019, My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising (Boku no Hero Academia the Movie -Heroes: Rising-) was released in Japan. On August 6, a third anime film titled My Hero Academia THE MOVIE: World Heroes' Mission was released.

Source: My Hero Academia anime's Twitter account


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