Kurage to Coral and Kaede Hashiba wants to crush Two New Serialization Started

Kaede Hashiba wants to crush

Two new serials of Aya Haru Rabbit "Kaede Hashiba is Tokimekitai" and Nui Nakato "Kurage to Coral" started in the September issue of Bessatsu Friend (Kodansha) released today on August 12.

"Kaede Hashiba wants to crush" is a romantic comedy about a handsome combination of Kaede Hashiba, a high school girl who doesn't know the crush, and Yomitsu Oda and Tsukasa Morian. Kaede, who has never fallen in love, was suffering from an unknown feeling of "like". At that time, Kaede, who met Oda and Mori, a popular handsome duo at school, asks them to teach them their crush.

Kurage to Coral

"Kurage to Coral" is a story of twin sisters Kaira Shirahase and Coral. Shy Kaigetsu is a beautiful woman with excellent grades, but she spends her days suffering from the coral of a super-problem child. At that time, Riku Asanagi, who is unrequited love for Kaigetsu, is interested in coral ...

In addition, in this issue, Maki Miyoshi, whose story has entered its climax, "Kurosaki-kun's obedience" appears on the cover and intro color. In the separate appendix, a tribute illustration commemorating the climax entry was posted , and was contributed by Hiro Aikawa , Nakaba Haruto, Maki Miyoshi , Kanna Kurono and others. Also, as an appendix, a masking tape sheet of Nagano "Chikawa" is attached.


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