Kyoto Animation "Free!" Announced the continuation of the appointment of Tatsuhisa Suzuki

Kyoto Animation "Free!" Announced the continuation of the appointment of Tatsuhisa Suzuki

On the 19th, the official website of the popular swimming animation series "Free!" Produced by Kyoto Animation announced that Tatsuhisa Suzuki , a voice actor who has played the role of Makoto Tachibana and is currently inactive, will continue to be appointed. The new movie "Free!" Is about to be released on September 17, and the trend has been drawing attention among fans.

In the anime "ULTRAMAN", Suzuki dropped the role of Kotaro Higashi. Due to such a trend, fans said that they might drop the role in another work, but on the "Free!" Official website, "Makoto Tachibana, Tatsuhisa Suzuki, for the time being. In response to this, it was announced by the affiliated office that the activities will be suspended during this period. We have had many discussions. "

Continuing, "Makoto Tachibana is an important character in this series for nine years from the planning, and the delicate play of Mr. Tatsuhisa Suzuki who plays that role and the relationship that has been built up with other casts and staff are for this work. We thought it was important, and the production committee decided to continue the appointment of Mr. Tatsuhisa Suzuki. "
 The "Free!" Series is a story of young people who continue to swim toward their dreams by forming bonds as a team. Starting with the 2013 TV anime "Free!", Kyoto Animation produced a total of three TV series in the theater. 5 works have been released. The first part of the long-awaited new work "Free! -The Final Stroke-" will be released on September 17th.

Suzuki is the husband of singer LiSA , and on July 30th, "Bunshun Online" (Weekly Bunshun) reported an affair with a female fan in her twenties. Regarding Tatsuhisa Suzuki, I am pleased to report that we have decided to suspend activities for the time being because we have been in poor physical condition since the other day and it is difficult to carry out activities as usual. " The activity was suspended.


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