Maki Enjoji's Tsumari Suki tte Iitain Dakedo, Manga Made Into Drama

Maki Enjouji's Tsumari Suki tte Iitain Dakedo, Manga Made Into Drama

Maki Enjoji "Tsumari Suki tte Iitain Dakedo," will be made into a drama. It will be broadcast on TV Tokyo's "Drama Paravi" frame from October 6th.

The main character of "Tsumari Suki tte Iitain Dakedo" is Chitose Saejima, who has grown up to be a strong adult by training his body and mind from the experience of being bullied when he was little. Chitose, who works at an entertainment agency, was nominated by a popular young actor, Sena Fujishiro, and will be in charge of his manager. Sena has a beautiful look and excellent acting ability, but she has a bad habit and is a problem child with a skillful lie. In fact, he and Chitose have a surprising connection ... It is a romantic comedy that was serialized in Petit Comic (Shogakukan) from June 2019 to January 2021. Also, the cast will be revealed along with the announcement of the drama. Sakurako Ohara will play the role of Chitose , and Kaion Sakurai will play the role of Sena.

Comments arrived from Enjoji and the two cast members. Manga is based on the fact that "Love will continue forever" was made into a drama in 2020. "I'm impressed," he said in his heart, "I'm looking forward to it as a viewer." In addition, Ohara said, "Because I am a sensitive and seriously living girl, I think it is a very calorie role to play a figure that is struggling with something hard or unfamiliar. I want to laugh, get angry, cry, and act energetic with all my might, "says Sakurai." Sena is a seemingly childish and crazy actor, but she is a very delicate and clumsy person inside. There are people around me of that type, so I can understand some of the weaknesses of living well in the world, "he said about each role.

Enjouji Maki (Original) Comment
There was a connection, and my work was once again a live-action drama. I'm impressed that this has happened for the second year in a row. I have run out of luck in my life. In such a time, I think that entertainment must be lost, but even so, shooting is an unavoidable corona disaster. I pray that the cast and staff will be careful about infections and make a wonderful drama. I am looking forward to it as a viewer.
Comment from Sakurako Ohara (role of Chitose Saejima)
It will be a "romantic comedy" work after a long absence. When I read the original, as a reader, there were many scenes that were obediently cuddly! Since the main character is 24 years old, who is close in age, I would like to make use of the actual feelings such as how to grasp love and the sense of distance between human relationships.

The main character, Chitose, is not good at spotting lies and is similar to himself in that he immediately believes in it (laughs). And even though he is working hard on things, Chitose is a little sloppy. I felt the charm of Chitose unique to the drama. I will do my best to play a woman who wants to support me.

As a sensitive and seriously living girl, I think it's a very calorie role to play a figure that is struggling to get used to something, but laughing with all her might. I want to be angry, cry, and play energetic.

We will star in TV TOKYO for the first time in two years since "Soaked Detective Hagoromo Mizuno". I'm back! (Laughs) Expectations are rising that it will be a warm place again this time!
"Soaked Detective Mizuno Hagoromo" also had a lot of comedy elements, and there are many funny scenes this time as well. We want to bring a smiley and fun atmosphere to our viewers!
I don't know what kind of work it will be, but I'm trying to fully enjoy the charm of the drama "Tsuma-like" by thinking about the development unique to the drama with the staff.
I hope you enjoy the scenes that are unique to the drama!
Comment by Kaion Sakurai (role of Sena Fujishiro)
I had never read so-called shojo manga in my life, but soon I fell in love with it, and enjoyed the forbidden love between the manager and the actor, imagining what the end would be. I had read the whole volume in no time. I was embarrassed that I could enjoy it while being so excited even by a man (laughs). In
this drama, the original settings are incorporated in some places, and the original character and the drama played this time. I'm really excited about how I can express the difference between the characters in.
Sena is a childish and crazy actor at first glance, but she is a very delicate and clumsy person inside. There are people around me of that type, so I can understand some of the weaknesses of living well in the world.

Since I have a short history as an actor, there are many difficult plays, so with the help of Mr. Ohara, I would like to cling desperately and delicately express various aspects of Sena.
I hope that not only fans of the original work, but also those who do not know the original work will be thrilled to see the world view of "Tsuma-like" and the two people who fall in forbidden love.
Also, the more you come in contact with Chi-chan, the more you will show yourself, and I would like you to see Sena grow up together.
Comment from Shoko Kawamura (Producer, TV TOKYO Drama Room)
I am very happy to be able to make a popular comic by Maki Enjoji into a drama. The other day, I took a visual shot of Sakurako Ohara and Kaion Sakurai, and I realized that the world of the original could be reproduced very nicely and that it would definitely be a love and work drama full of heart-throbbing scenes! A woman who hates lies and a man who is good at lying. Two people who have been related to each other since childhood fall in love !? I hope you enjoy this fall and winter with the drama Paravi and the fateful romantic comedy "Tsuma-like".


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