My Hero Academia 5th Season Anime's New Chapter Villain Academia Started, Scene Cut Released

The scene cut of the 20th episode of the 5th season of the TV anime "My Hero Academia" (Yomiuri TV / NTV every Saturday from 5:30) has been released. From the 21st broadcast, a new chapter "Villain Academia" will start, focusing on the enemy <Villain>.

Episode 20 "My Hero Academia" is about two months before Deku and his friends spend their time doing internships at the Endeavor office. Suddenly, Gigantomachy, an all-for-one faithful servant, appears in front of the all-for-one enemy alliance. Makia, who overwhelms the dead trees with his mighty power, laments that the dead trees are inadequate as a successor to All for One.

Along with the broadcast of "Villain Academia", it has been decided that the WEB radio "My Hero Academia Radio" Almight Nippon "" currently being distributed on "Internet Radio Station <Otoizumi>" will be remodeled for a limited time.

The title is, "This is my villain Academia radio" Thank you enemy coalition, "" next, program personality also dec role Daiki Yamashita of the爆豪Katsumi Officer Nobuhiko Okamoto from the hero side of the voice actors that, of death pattern tree butterfly role Kouki Uchiyama A voice actor who plays an enemy character named Hiro Shimono , who plays the role of Dabi . The first delivery is scheduled for 27th.

The original of this work is a popular manga with a cumulative circulation of over 50 million copies, and the main character, Izuku Midoriya (Dek), is set in a world where the existence of people with supernatural abilities called "individuality" is commonplace. A story that grows up with friends at the prestigious hero training, Yuei High School, in order to become a "hero" who confronts the criminal "villain" who abuses his personality. It has been serialized in "Weekly Shonen Jump" since July 2014, and the first period of TV animation started in April 2016, and the movie version has also been released.

Source: Heroaka Official Website


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