Nintendo Switch "Fit Boxing" series has been animated! Short comedy drawn by instructors every day

The "Fit Boxing" series has been animated! Short comedy drawn by instructors every day

Nintendo Switch software "Fit Boxing" series will be animated. It will be broadcast on TOKYO MX from October 1st under the title of "Kimi to Fit Boxing".

The "Fit Boxing" series is a boxing exercise game where you can punch punches like a rhythm game while receiving guidance from an in-game instructor. The first work "Fit Boxing" was released in December 2018, and the cumulative total of the series has exceeded 1.8 million.

"Kimi to Fit Boxing" is a 5-minute short comedy that records the daily lives of the instructors in the "Fit Boxing" series. Akari Kito as Karen, Akira Ishida as Hiro , Rie Kugimiya as Janice , and other voice actors familiar from the game will also appear in the anime. The script and director will be written and directed by Morita and Junpei of "Nocturne Bugi" and "LOST SONG". In addition to the 12 episodes of the main anime, a dialogue between Morita, Junpei and Kito will be broadcast on December 24th.

To commemorate the animation, a Twitter campaign has started to win autographed colored paper by voice actors and software for "Fit Boxing 2". Check the official Twitter account (@FitBoxingInfo) for details.

Comment from Morita and Junpei (Screenplay / Director)
Animated fit boxing! have done.
Every time I saw an instructor in a game, my delusion began to swell, "What kind of daily life do these people have behind the scenes?", And many stories came to my mind. One of the reasons I thought, "I want to draw this properly," was to talk directly to Mr. Imagineer.
How did she become an instructor?
What do you learn from senior instructors with strong habits?
This work is basically a short comedy.
The instructors will be energized while enjoying the daily life that makes you laugh.
And after watching
it, I'd be happy if it became such a work that I'm sure it will be a little positive from tomorrow .
looking forward to!

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