Sonny Boy TV Anime's New PV Will Release after 6th Episode Broadcast

Sonny Boy TV Anime's New PV Will Release after 6th Episode Broadcast

The long PV of the original TV anime " Sonny Boy " will be released today at 25:30 on August 19th after the 6th episode on air.

The anime "Sonny Boy" being broadcast on TOKYO MX and others. Along with the announcement of the PV release, comments arrived from Ai Kakuma , who played Aki , Kenjiro Tsuda , who played Yamabiko, and Toru Okawa , who played voice . They talk about the inside story and the roles they play.

In addition, Nico Nico Live Broadcasting will hold a retrospective screening of "Sonny Boy" episodes 1 to 6 from 22:00 on August 22nd. The production staff will participate in the screening.

Comment from Ai Kakuma (role of Aki-sensei)
I was in charge of the voice of Mr. Aki.
At the time of character explanation, it was impressive that the director said with a smile that included "Well, I'm sorry". I also learned some works that would be helpful, so I'm looking forward to recording them while reviewing them. I want you to enjoy the taste of this work, so this time I will go to this place for the time being.

Comment from Kenjiro Tsuda (role of Yamabiko)
I play a character whose individuality stands out even in a unique world.
I was groping for emotions, modes, and many other things.
However, it's a lot of fun to play a character that stands out in its own world.

Comment from Toru Okawa (role of voice)

It's a role called voice. Who the hell is he, a person or a devil, or a god? It is a character that I do not understand at all. When I think of it as just a voice, some people like that sometimes come out. But I don't even know if that person is really speaking.

In short, the voice has no clue. I do not know either. I don't know anything. Please have a look while imagining various things! looking forward to!

 Source: SHOCHIKUch YouTube Channel, Comic Natalie


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