The First PV & Key Visual of TV Anime "Ousama Ranking" is released!

Ousama Ranking

Ousama Ranking Tv Anime by Original Sousuke Touka key visual, first PV, and additional cast has been announced.

"Ousama Ranking" will be broadcast on Fuji TV's "Noitamina" frame and others from October. As additional casts, it has been decided that Kenta Miyake will play the role of Boss, Takako Honda will play the role of Sina , Maaya Sakamoto will play the role of Magic Mirror, Yoshimitsu Shimoyama will play the role of Desher , and Takahiro Sakurai will play the role of Desper . In addition, the opening theme has been decided to be King Gnu 's "BOY", and comments from cast artists have also arrived.

Comment from Kenta Miyake (role of Boss)
This time, I'm Kenta Miyake, who plays the voice of King Boss.
Among the great masters I played, I am a very deep and esoteric person, so I am a little confused and challenge King Boss with all my might.
Please enjoy the new sensation of fantasy that pierces your heart sharply in a soft touch.
Comment from Takako Honda (role of Sina)
When I read the original, I felt the love of all the characters and wanted to protect each one.
It was a very strange feeling.
Now that I have a role in the work, I don't want to let go of Bodge and I want to hug him. Such feelings overflow.
I would like everyone to see it.
Comment by Maaya Sakamoto (Magic Mirror)
I was completely fascinated by reading the original. Every character has a lovable human-like contradiction, which is why they can sympathize and snuggle up.
I think that the mysterious "magic mirror" will surely change into something that you will want to snuggle up to as the story progresses. I will do my best while biting the joy of participating in this work.
Comment from Yoshimitsu Shimoyama (role of Desher)
I was deeply moved. Read the manga.
But even in the harsh world, there is kindness and compassion for people, and it's a wonderful work that feels refreshing.
I am honored to be able to play "Desher", which represents a certain strength of such a world.
I am looking forward to seeing how to create a story with the representative Bodges of weakness.
Comment by Takahiro Sakurai (role of Desper)
Desper has a profane aristocratic temperament with no eyes on money, but he was paralyzed by the occasional sharp eyes.
A character that holds the key to Bodge's growth.
Please also pay attention to his work as a good mentor.
King Gnu Daiki Tsuneta comment
When I received the offer of the theme song, I first learned about the existence of a work called "King Ranking", but I was surprised that there was such a wonderful manga. I am happy to be involved in this work, which is full of strength and kindness, love and sadness, which are very necessary in this squeaky era. King Gnu's new song "BOY" has been finished for the first time in a long time, and it's a wonderful song that is as gentle and adorable as ever, so please look forward to it!

Source: Comic Natalie, Anime Youtube Channel


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