Tomihiko Morimi x Makoto Ueda "Tatami Time Machine Blues" animated!, 15 Second PV Released

Four and a half time machine blues

Tomihiko Morimi's novel "Tatami Time Machine Blues" has been decided to be animated.

"The Tatami Galaxy" was published in 2005 and was made into a TV animation in 2010. Morimi's novel "The Tatami Galaxy" was staged four times since its premiere in 2001, and in 2005. A collaborative work by Makoto Ueda 's drama "Summer Time Machine Blues," which was also made into a live-action movie . In July 2020, KADOKAWA published a book about the story of the characters of "The Tatami Galaxy" going back and forth in the world of "Summer Time Machine Blues".

In the anime, Shingo Natsume , who participated as a main staff member under the director Masaaki Yuasa in the TV anime "The Tatami Galaxy" and the theatrical anime "The Night Is Short, Walk On Maiden", is the director, the script is Ueda, and the original character is Nakamura. Yusuke , Science SARU is in charge of animation production. In addition to comments from Morimi, Ueda, Director Natsume, and Nakamura, support illustration comments from Yuasa also arrived.

Comment from Shingo Natsume
It's been more than 10 years since the anime broadcast of "The Tatami Galaxy", but as soon as I started reading "The Tatami Galaxy", the feeling of that time revived at once.
I will do my best to animate this nostalgia so that I can share it with you. At the same time, we will
continue to push forward so that you can enjoy the new sensation of "Summertime Machine Blues" .
Comment from Tomihiko Morimi
I'd be happy if that happened, but I thought that there wouldn't be such a story, but it's true that animation will be realized ... I am happy as one of the authors. I am looking forward to the summer of four and a half mats and the summer of the time machine.
Comment from Makoto Ueda
The hottest and barren youth science fiction tan in human history has attracted Nakamura-san's passionate character and Yuasa's hot water-like heat, and even the name is summer-like director Natsume's animation. It's about three layers hotter.
The history of the original story by Mr. Morimi and myself is very complicated, and the two works "The Tatami Galaxy" and "Summer Time Machine Blues" have become unraveled across space and time. .. The story is intricately defeated, but the cool cooler breeze and summer dusk await you as you sneak through the causal thread.
Comment from Yusuke Nakamura
It has been 11 years since the anime "Four tatami mats and half myths" was broadcast. The number of new students increased, and with photos of graduates, the same mens as those days were still making a fuss about the same four and a half mats. The door is unlocked, so if you have a nostalgic look, please stop by for the first time in a while. As usual, there is no cooler, but chilled ramune is available.

Sources: Noitamina Official YouTube channel, Comic Natalie


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