Voice Actor and Singer Kaori Ishihara's 7th Single "Starcast" Song will be Released on November 24th

Voice Actor and Singer Kaori Ishihara's 7th Single "Starcast" Song will be Released on November 24th

Voice actor and singer Kaori Ishihara's seventh single "Starcast" will be released on November 24th, it was revealed on August 14th. The theme of the title song is "Kokoro no Kokoro", and singer / songwriter Nagi Yanagi is in charge of writing the lyrics. It's been about a year since Mr. Ishihara and Mr. Nagi Yanagi teamed up with "Kimi Shikiru" from the second album "Water Drop" released in August 2020.

Mrs. Ishihara said, "I always want to be close to the fans, and nowadays it is difficult to meet important people, but if you think about each other, you will feel closer and have great power. I think that it is a song that can be sympathized with various scenes and many people. I asked my favorite Nagi Yanagi to write the lyrics, and the lyrics are beautiful, warm and warm. I want everyone to listen to it as soon as possible. "

 Nagi Yanagi said, "I'm very happy to be able to write the lyrics with Natsuori's singing voice. I've seen dubbing and directed recordings, but at any site, I'm straightforward. , It was very impressive that this request was returned with 100% or more. "

 Regarding the lyrics of "Starcast" "The words that come to mind when writing the lyrics naturally became straight. The song was a dramatic development with few of the same phrases, so the lyrics gradually became stronger. I'm writing with the image of going on. I'm excited to write the lyrics from beginning to end because it will be more convincing than the words written by Mr. Natsuori. I'm really looking forward to the release from now on! " There is.

 "Starcast" is composed and arranged by Shuhei Sakai. The single will include a ticket for the live ticket priority sale to be held in 2022. The first limited edition will come with a DVD containing the music video for "Starcast" and the making-of footage.

Source: Mantan Web


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