"Voy@ger" Concept Movie Released on YouTube from From Idolmaster Anime Series

"Voy@gar" Concept Movie Released on YouTube from From Idolmaster Anime Series

The TV anime "THE IDOLM @ STER" team has reunited for the future of the 15th anniversary of the IDOLM @ STER series.
A completely new animation concept movie directed by Nishikiori and Cloverworks.
In addition, Studio Color participated in the production of this work as a visual development.
The image song "VOY @ GER" by 15 idols will color the concept movie.

Message from director:
This is Nishikori, who was the director of the music video for "VOY @ GER".
Producers, I haven't heard from you.
Having heard this story, taking care of the idols that have spread to five brands was a
pressure for me as I was away from the scene of Imus, and I was a little hesitant, but on the
other hand, I was excited again. I might be able to make the idolm @ ster with that feeling, and that feeling won the opportunity to accept it.
During the meeting, the concept and the image of this video are conveyed, and the participating idols are selected with the aim of creating an "exciting" chemical reaction.

The theme of this time is "Route to the future"
It is the 15th anniversary, the rut created by the brand "Idol Master" that has overcome many years, and from there , it will take off further, accelerate, timeless, and transcend technology ,
physical, I want you to become a presence that go even beyond the dimension distances ...
are made under such a grand wish. What if the five powers were gathered?
Is it a lie? … Good, big dreams! That is why it is a "concept movie".
The music was also made into a magnificent song filled with such wishes and excitement. Thank you.

With the studio color Tsurii-kun, who I met in my new work after Idolmaster, the awesome CG and motion graphics, and the animation directors and staff who have been involved in Idolmaster until now.
We are aiming for a fusion of new drawing dance and graphics.
Dense formation dance, hand-painted movement, and dancing all the time.
Such reckless content is full of such challenges, "I want to go beyond what I have been up to now."
And it's too overflowing and it's a battle against time as usual.
"Ah, this feeling ..." It
was also a site where I realized that my feelings were the same as what I was doing in the past (laughs). 

Familiar idols and nice to meet you idols.
I pray for the future development of The Idolmaster through this music video.
Thank you for preparing such a place this time.

Atsushi Nishigori

The Idolmaster image song 2021 "VOY @ GER"
Lyrics: Karasuya Sabo
composer-arranger: Inoue Kaoru Futoshi (MONACA)

Staff cast
StafMain Staff:
Original / Planning / Production: Bandai Namco Entertainment
Director / Character Design: Atsushi Nishigori
Visual Director: Shogo Tsurii (Studio Color)
Music: Japan Columbia
Bandai Namco Arts
Production: CloverWorks x Studio Color

Haruka Amami (CV Eriko Nakamura)
Shin Kikuchi (CV Hiromi Hirata)
Shijo Takane (CV Yumi Hara)

Shuko Shiomi (CV Ruutin)
Minami Nitta (CV Aya Suzaki)
Hisakawa颯( CV Rika Nagae)

Kosaka (CV Reina Ueda)
Tsumugi Shiraishi (CV Saki Minami)
Anna Mochizuki (CV Natsukawa Shiina)

Kyoji Takashiro (CV Yuichiro Umehara)
Genbu Kurono (CV Toshinari Fukamachi ) Koron
Chris (CV Komada) Kou )

Shiny Colors
Natsuha Arisugawa (CV Akiho
Suzumoto ) Yuko Mayuzumi (CV Eri Yukimura)
Toru Asakura (CV Yu Wakui)

Source: Idolmaster Website


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