New Visual Release for TV Anime Everything for Demon King Ebelogia

It has been decided that the TV anime "Everything for Demon King Ebelogia" based on Io Kajiwara will be broadcast on TOKYO MX / BS11 from October. At the same time, the main cast and key visuals were released.

ComicFesta's new animation "Everything for Demon King Ebelogia", nicknamed "Monk Frame". This work is a different world fantasy BL that begins when Toshiaki Ushito, who is a social wanderer, is shot dead and reincarnated in the game world, and meets the game Las Boss, Maou Ebelogia, who has been longing for a long time. The cast included Shun Horie , who played Eve, Ebelogia, and Takuya Sato , who played Goz . Horie and Sato continue to cast from the drama CD that comes with the special edition of the original "Dedicate yourself to Maou Ebelogia" book. In addition, Hitomi Nabatame will play the role of Ticia, who came as a sacrifice from a village that worships the Demon King, and Hiroki Yasumoto will play the role of Makidi, a fighter who loves his hometown and villagers .

The anime "Dedicate yourself to Maou Ebelogia" is available on the ComicFesta anime website in addition to the on-air short anime that will be broadcast on TV, as well as a premium version that depicts radical scenes. The premium version is charged and will be pre-distributed in September prior to the TV anime. Furthermore, it was revealed that the special program "New program" Mao Eve "special program-Maou Sama and the first video ban SP-" will be broadcast on TOKYO MX / BS11 from 25:00 on September 26th.

Anime staff includes:
Original: Io Kajiwara
Director: Sanae Nagi
Screenplay: Sanae Nagi / Eyo Kurosaki
Character design: Yoko Iwakura
Animation director: Yoko Iwakura / Nao Nakamoto
Acoustic director: Ayako Misawa
Acoustic production: Black flag
Animation production: studio HOKIBOSHI
Production: Comet Company

Anime cast includes:
Eve:  Shun Horie
Goz: Takuya Sato
Ticia: Hitomi Nabatame
Makidi: Hiroki Yasumoto

In addition, the official website will be opened with this announcement. Staff information has also been updated. The director is Sanae Nagi, and the script is co-authored by Nagi and Eyo Kurosaki. Animation production is handled by studio HOKIBOSHI.

Source: Comic Natalie


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