Anime "Dance Dance Danseur" broadcast in 2022, produced by MAPPA

Anime "Dance Dance Danseur" broadcast in 2022, produced by MAPPA

The TV anime " Dance Dance Danseur " based on George Asakura will be broadcast in 2022. At the same time, the teaser visual, logo, and main staff were released.

"Dance Dance Danseur" was fascinated by ballet when he was young, but Junpei Murao, a second-year junior high school student who gave up on the path of "becoming a man" after his father's death, met the transfer student, Godaito. A dramatic ballet erotic man who will seriously work on ballet in order to penetrate himself. In the animation, Munehisa Sakai will be the director, Yoshimi Narita will be the series composition, Hitomi Hasegawa will be the character design, and MAPPA will be the animation production. The official website and official Twitter account (@danseur_anime) have also been opened.

"Dance Dance Danseur" Volume 21

Original: George Asakura " Dance Dance Danseur " (serialized in Shogakukan "Weekly Big Comic Spirits")
Director: Munehisa Sakai
Series composition: Yoshimi Narita
Character design: Hitomi Hasegawa
Production: MAPPA


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