First Volume of comicalized version of "Disney Twisted-Wonderland" Released

"Disney Twisted-Wonderland The Comic Episode of Heartslabyul" Volume 1
"Disney Twisted-Wonderland The Comic Episode of Heartslabyul" Volume 1

Volume 1 of Kowonosumire "Disney Twisted-Wonderland The Comic Episode of Heartslabyul " by Wakana Hazuki configuration, was released today September 27.

This work is a comicalized version of Chapter 1 "Crimson Tyrant" from the smartphone game "Disney Twisted Wonderland". A young man, Yuken Enmitsu, who was active as a member of the Kendo club at a high school in Tokyo, encounters a mysterious carriage on his way home from club activities and is taken away to another world, Twisted Wonderland. A male sword who got lost in the magician training school Night Raven College leads a mysterious student life. It is serialized in the monthly G Fantasy (Square Enix).

In addition, "Disney Twisted Wonderland" goods using original illustrations by popular creator Makura Kurama, mainly on SNS, are also on sale today. The lineup includes cameo-like acrylic key chains, tote bags and pouches with shabby chic illustrations printed in the image of each dormitory. Check e-STORE on Square Enix's official online shopping site for details.


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