Hyoryu Danchi Anime Film First PV Released and Premier on Netflix in 2022

It is revealed that the third feature-length animated movie "Hyoryu Danchi" by Studio Colorido will be produced as a Netflix movie. In addition to being exclusively distributed worldwide on Netflix in 2022, there will also be a national road show in Japan.

This was announced at the Netflix event "TUDUM: A NETFLIX GLOBAL FAN EVENT" held today on September 25th. "Hyoryu Danchi" is a story about a mysterious adventure that Kosuke and Natsume, a childhood friend and sixth grader who grew up in the housing complex, experienced during the summer vacation. One day, the two of them were playing in a housing complex that had been decided to be demolished, and when they noticed, they were all over the ocean ... The director is Hiroyasu Ishida, who worked on "Sonny Boy & Dewdrops" and "Penguin Highway" . In addition, Akihiro Nagae and Fumi Kato, who were also active in "Penguin Highway" and "I want to cry, I wear a cat," will be in charge of character design and character design assistants.

At the same time, the special video and key visuals of the same work will also be released. The housing complex drifting in the ocean and the figures of Kosuke and others who got lost there were drawn. Director Ishida said, "It was a work that made me think about the housing complex so much that it became a title. It is probably a strange thing for this kind of animation movie. It will be a challenge for me. There are also opinions such as making it easy to understand. I was suffering, worried, and still believing! On the contrary, we all worked together to narrow down our wisdom!


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