"JK kara Yarinaosu Silver Plan" made into a drama on Tele East, starring Yuka Suzuki and Rio Komiya

JK kara Yarinaosu Silver Plan
JK kara Yarinaosu Silver Plan Manga Poster

"JK kara Yarinaosu Silver Plan" by Lim Dall-young and drawn by Lee Keisei is made into a TV drama. Yuka Suzuki and Rio Komiya will double-star and will be broadcast on TV Tokyo from November 10th.

"JK kara Yarinaosu Silver Plan" serialized in the Web version of Comic Valkyrie is a comedy featuring the arrogant young lady Sayuri Ninomiya. Sayuri, who reached the height of power and wealth during the bubble era, disappeared with the burst of the bubble and eventually became a lonely middle-aged homeless person. By chance, she was a 17-year-old high school girl who time-leaped in 1990, and in order to get true happiness, she started her life again for old age. Up to 4 volumes have been released.

Yuka Suzuki
Yuka Suzuki

Suzuki played Sayuri, Komiya played Sayuri's classmate Shinji Onoe, and Isamu Ota, who was the director of the drama "Tokyo Mysterious Sake", participated as a producer and director. Hayashi always thought about the drama, "If it was made into a drama ...", but I'm really happy that it was realized in this way. I made it a wonderful drama, so I watched it alone. "I'm looking forward to the broadcast as a person!", Lee said, "I'm looking forward to the drama version" Silver Plan "filled with the thoughts of everyone involved." Comments from Suzuki, Komiya, and Ota are posted below.

Rio Komiya
Rio Komiya

Comment from Lim Dall-young (Original)
I hope more people will read "Silver Plan", not just those who like manga. It is a work written with a strong wish.
I always thought "if it was made into a drama ...", but I'm really happy that it was realized in this way.
I am looking forward to the broadcast as a single viewer because it was a wonderful drama!

Comment from Lee Keisei (Original)
The reason I tried to become a manga artist was because I thought that I could make a work by myself. However, when I became a manga artist, I realized that one work was made by the efforts of many people.
I think the drama is the same. I think it will be born from the efforts and efforts of many staff and actors. I am looking forward to the drama version "Silver Plan", which is filled with the thoughts of everyone involved.

Comment from Yuka Suzuki (role of Sayuri Ninomiya)
I'm Yuka Suzuki, who will appear in the "Silver Plan to start over from JK" as Sayuri Ninomiya!
First of all, I was really happy to hear that I could play the main character!
When I read the original story, I was very attracted to the story with a gap from the title "JK" and the straightness of Sayuri Ninomiya. I hope you will warmly watch over how the arrogant Sayuri Ninomiya will grow!
We will do our best to make a wonderful work together with the staff, all the people concerned, and other cast members, so please look forward to it!

Comment from Rio Komiya (role of Shinji Onoe)
This time, I'm Rio Komiya, who will play the role of Shinji Onoe in "Silver Plan to start over from JK"!
I love time-leap manga myself, so when I read the original, it was such an interesting work that I was absorbed in manga for hours! I am extremely grateful to be able to play the character of such an exciting work, and I can't help looking forward to future shooting.
I'm excited to see how I can play Shinji-kun and convey the goodness of the work to everyone!
I would like to work hard so that Yuka Suzuki, who plays Sayuri Ninomiya, and other co-stars and related people can see better works, so please look forward to the "Silver Plan to start over from JK". Please!

Comment from Isamu Ota (Producer of TV TOKYO)
This drama is the result of hard thinking about how to get this drama in an era when Netflix and Amazon are spending more money than one cool (12 episodes) in the middle of the night to make one episode of the drama. What's interesting is that it's a great drama that makes you want to learn "What is the Silver Plan?" And ask someone "Did you know?" After the broadcast. I cover the lack of money with ideas. "Budget reduction production" is included everywhere, so I hope you will pay attention to it as well.


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