List of Products which will be Sold at Mappa 10th Anniversary Exhibition has Announced

Goods to be sold at the special exhibition "MAPPA SHOWCASE 10th ANNIVERSARY" commemorating the 10th anniversary of MAPPA's establishment have been announced.

"MAPPA SHOWCASE 10th ANNIVERSARY" will be held at Tokyo Anime Center in DNP PLAZA SHIBUYA from September 25th to November 14th. The book "MAPPA BOOK 10TH ANNIVERSARY", which will be sold at the same time on the official online shopping site of the venue and the event, includes an interview with more than 30,000 characters in total, including a talk by director Shinichiro Watanabe, MAPPA chairman Masao Maruyama, and president Manabu Otsuka. Plenty of content linked to the exhibition contents, such as congratulatory illustrations and cast comments, will be recorded.

31 characters will appear in the goods using the key visuals of the event. In addition to A3 size clear posters, 31 types of clear files and can badges are available. From the latest works, " Jujutsu Kaisen, " "Attack on Titan The Final Season," " Zombie Land Saga Revenge, " and " RE-MAIN, " the illustrations drawn for the event are used as goods. There are different items for each work such as acrylic art, acrylic figures, blind badges, and T-shirts. In addition, goods using original drawings and scene photographs are also on sale. Check the official website for details.


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