"Platinum End" 2nd PV & 3rd Key Visual Released

"Platinum End" 2nd PV & 3rd Key Visual Released
Platinum End Anime Third key visual

TV Anime Platinum End by Original Tsugumi Oba , Takeshi Obata 2nd PV, 3rd key visual & theme song information was published.

2nd PV Reveals M · A · O play flower KagoSaki, Tomoyuki Morikawa play Rokukaido seven Doo, Kaito Ishikawa play Namaryu response rate, Natsuki Hanae play Rubell, Maeda Kaorisato first the character voice of Bibi Yamada 々Ra play Lifting of the ban. In the third key visual, the figures of the five "God candidates", Tomorrow's Bridge, Nama Ryu, Nanato Rokukaido, Saki Hanago, and Ichi Sokotani are depicted along with their catchphrases.

The opening theme will be BAND-MAID "Sense" and the ending theme will be Yu Miyashita "Surrender Theory". Comments were sent from BAND-MAID's Miku Kobato and Miyashita. In the second PV, you can hear a part of "Sense". In addition, the song will be pre-distributed in TV size on September 6th tomorrow.

Furthermore, it is clear that the preliminary screening of episodes 1 and 2 will be held. The pre-screening will be held on October 3rd at Shinjuku Baltic 9 in Tokyo, and a talk show by Miyu Irino , who will play the role of Tomorrow Bridge , Yui Ogura , who will play the role of Nasse , and Kaito Ishikawa, who will play the role of live music, is scheduled. The application starts today on September 5th. Check the official website for details.

"Platinum End" will start broadcasting on TBS on October 7th and BS11 on October 8th. It will be broadcast in two consecutive courses until March 2022.


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