January 2022 broadcast "Sasaki and Miyano" teaser PV released

Sasaki and Miyano

The broadcast time of the TV anime " Sasaki and Miyano " based on the original work by Sho Harusono will be decided in January 2022. A teaser PV and a new character standing picture have also been released.

"Sasaki and Miyano" depicts high school boys such as Yumi Miyano, a rotten boy with a complex female face, and Hidenari Sasaki, a bad senior who likes Miyano. Along with this announcement, comments also arrived from the seven cast members. Yusuke Shirai , who plays Sasaki, sent a message saying, "Please enjoy the world of Sasaki and Miyano with all your five senses by becoming an animation, coloring, moving, and sounding !!", Soma Saito , who plays Miyano. "The lyrical part of the work, the pure crush, and the fun of everyday life are packed into the animation, so please take a look!"


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