MAPPA x Madhouse production "takt op." New PV reveals Theme song and additional cast

Takt op. Destiny

The second PV of the TV anime " takt op.Destiny " has been released. At the same time, the synopsis of the first episode and the preceding cut have arrived.

"Takt op. Destiny" developed as part of the project "takt op." By BANDAI NAMCO Arts and DeNA. Animations produced by MAPPA and Madhouse depict the fate of girls "Mujikart" with classical music as a motif. The theme song "Tact" by ryo (supercell) feat. Mafumafu and gaku is used for the second PV. The appearance of Asahina Tact played by Koki Uchiyama, Beethoven played by Shion Wakayama , Fate, Anna played by Kaede Hondo , Musical Giant played by Miku Ito , and Lenny played by Satoshi Hino , and intense actions. The scene is also projected.

In the first episode "Conducting -Creed-", a girl with a sword, Fate and a strange monster D2, appears under the tact playing the piano in a world where music is viewed as taboo ... …. In the scene cut, the fate of grasping Tact's arm and the appearance of Anna wearing sunglasses were cut out.

In addition, the pre-delivery of the web radio "takt op.Destiny ~ Symphonica Radio Branch ~", which will start on October 5, will be held from 24:30 on September 21st at the Internet Radio Station Otoizumi. Two personalities, Wakayama and Hondo, will appear.

The animation "takt op. Destiny" will start broadcasting on TV Tokyo 6 stations net and BS TV Tokyo at 24:00 on October 5th. Along with this announcement, an additional distribution site was also released.


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