The World's Finest Assassin Anime's Second PV Reveals Additional Cast

The World's Finest Assassin Anime's Second PV Reveals Additional Cast

The main visual of the TV anime "The World's Finest Assassin, Reincarnated as a Different World Aristocrat" has been released.

"The world's best assassin, reincarnated into a different world aristocrat" is a story about the world's best assassin who was betrayed by an organization and was reincarnated in a different world and plays an active role as the eldest son of a nobleman whose livelihood is assassination. .. The broadcast was postponed from July to October, but on September 10th, the ban on broadcasting and distribution information was lifted along with the release of this PV and the main visual. The animation will be broadcast on AT-X, TOKYO MX, etc. from October 6, and terrestrial advance and fastest distribution will be done at ABEMA.

The father Kian role of Rugu is Tomoyuki Morikawa , mother-Esuri role of Rugu is Chiaki Takahashi , goddess role to impose the task of "to assassinate the brave" as a condition of incarnated assassin is Yukari Tamura , "the world's best assassin However, Junpei Morita will play the role of an assassin buried in an organization that swore loyalty on the verge of retirement . In addition, all staff information is also available on the official anime website. In addition, the illustrations drawn for the opening theme song "Dark seeks light" by Aira Yuhki and the ending theme song "A Promise" by Aira Yuhki were also shown.


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