"World's End Harem" will be screened online from October 8th, including Taichi Ichikawa and Haruka Shiraishi.

World's End Harem Anime Release date
World's End Harem Anime Release date poster

The broadcast start date of the TV anime " World's End Harem " based on LINK and Kotaro Shono has been decided on October 8. It will be broadcast on AT-X from 21:30, TOKYO MX from 25:05, and BS Fuji from 27: 1. At the same time, it was announced that an online pre-screening event would be held.

"End Harem" is an erotic suspense that depicts young people who were required to have children with women in order to prevent the destruction of humankind, set in a world where 99.9% of men were killed by the virus. The online pre-screening will be broadcast live on the official YouTube channel of the anime and official Twitter from 17:00 on September 25, and in addition to the main story, Taichi Ichikawa as Reito Suwon , Haruka Shiraishi as Mio Suo , Shizuka Ishigami as Neneko Ishigami , Enjoy a talk by Ayana Taketatsu, who plays the role of Karen Kamiya . Only the talk part will be held The next day, from 17:00 on September 26th to 24:00 on October 8th, archive distribution will be held. A 15-second "End Harem" commercial was also released.


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