Deep Insanity Anime's Second PV Released and it Unveiled Additional Cast

Deep Insanity The Lost Child

The broadcast start date of the TV anime " Deep Insanity THE LOST CHILD " has been decided on October 12. The second PV and additional casts have also been lifted.

The story is set in a world where the unexplained disease "Randolph Syndrome", which suddenly falls into a coma, is widespread. In "Deep Insanity THE LOST CHILD", Hiro Shimono 's main character, Shigure, Daniel, and Kaoru, will challenge the front line of the huge underground world, Asylum, which is the cause of illness . As additional casts, Ami Koshimizu will play Vera Rustamowa, Kosuke Toriumi will play Leslie Blanc, Yuya Hirose will play Lawrence Larry Jackson, Ruriko Noguchi will play Reika Kobato, Kaede Hondo will play Sumire Mochigi, and Takako Tanaka will play Elsie.

It has also been decided that Konomi Suzuki 's "Light of Life " will be used as the opening theme, and Kashitaro Ito 's "Pearl Color Revolution" will be used as the ending theme . New staff information has also been released.

Worldview draft: Shin Fukami, Umiho KinoHikari, Shiono zodiac Ichiro Next
Director: Onuma mind
series configuration and Screenplay: Kento Shimoyama
Character Design: Kazuyuki Yamayoshi
color design: Shiho Mizumoto
Art Director: Shinjo Yumoto
3D Director: Hirohisa Kitamura
shooting Director:
Kiyoshi Yamamoto (Chip Tune) Editing: Katsuhiro Kimura
Music: Future Ancient Orchestra
Sound Director: Fumiyuki Gobun
Sound Production: Bit Groove Promotion
Animation Production: SILVER LINK.
Production Cooperation: KADOKAWA
Original / Production: SQUARE ENIX

Shigure, Daniel, Kaede: Hiro Shimono
Vera Rustamowa: Ami Koshimizu
Leslie Blanc: Kosuke Toriumi
Lawrence Larry Jackson: Yuya Hirose
Reika Kobato: Ruriko Noguchi Mochigi
Violet: Kaede Hondo
Elsie: Takako Tanaka

In the media mix project "Deep Insanity" by Square Enix, in addition to the animation "Deep Insanity THE LOST CHILD", games and manga will be announced. The game "Deep Insanity ASYLUM" is scheduled to start distribution on October 14, and "Deep Insanity NIRVANA" serialized in the monthly Big Gangan (Square Enix), which is drawn by Etorouji Shiono, will be released in September. Volumes 1 and 2 will be released at the same time on the 25th.


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