"Akebi's Sailor Uniform" Anime will start broadcasting in January next year! Key visual and PV, cast lifted

The first key visual, the first PV, and the main cast of the TV anime "Akebi's Sailor Clothes" based on Hiroshi's original work have been unveiled. It was also announced that it will start broadcasting in January 2022.

The first key visual is drawn by Megumi Kouno, who is the character designer and animation director. In front of the prestigious private junior high school, Roume Gakuen, where he entered the school with his wish, the main character, Tomorrow Koji, who put his sleeves on his longing sailor suit, was drawn. The first PV contains the gekitomo music by Kana Utatane and the scene where Koji rushes into a new life.

Tomorrow, the role of Koji will be Manatsu Murakami, who will star in the TV anime for the first time. Sora Amamiya plays the role of Erika Kizaki, a classmate whom Koji first meets . In addition, Akari Kito will play the role of Toko Rabbit, and Shion Wakayama will play the role of Tomono Kojo . Comments arrived from each of the four.

"Akebi's Sailor Clothes" is a youth growth story about Tomorrow's alley and classmates who entered the prestigious rural girls' junior high school. Serialized in Young Jump next door, the latest 9 volumes of the book will be released on October 19th.


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