Original picture exhibition "BLEACH EX." New PV released, songs newly written by Tatsuya Kitani also lifted

BLEACH EX." New PV released
Original picture exhibition "BLEACH EX." Key visual

It is clear that Tatsuya Kitani is the theme song for the original painting exhibition "BLEACH EX." By Tite Kubo "BLEACH" . A new PV that allows you to listen to Kitani's singing voice has been released.

"BLEACH EX." Will be held from December 18th at the Hikarie Hall on the 9th floor of Shibuya Hikarie, Tokyo. At the event commemorating the 20th anniversary of "BLEACH", color illustrations and raw manuscripts drawn during the 15 years of serialization will be exhibited. The theme song "Rapport" written by Kitani was used as an instrumental sound source without announcing that Kitani worked on the PV released in August. Kitani, who is a big fan of "BLEACH", said, "I can't see it, but I can feel it. It's something that is born when I interact with people. It's something that can never happen unless I'm alone in the world. I think it's a work that I've drawn very carefully over a long period of time. " We made music about the important others that appeared. Let's enjoy the passing point of the 20th anniversary of this great work, the place to look back on the past and look to the future together! " I was pleased to hold it.


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