TV animation "ONE PIECE" "1000 episode commemorative visual" released, anniversary planning

One Piece 1000 Episode Visual

1000 episodes of the TV anime "ONE PIECE" based on Eiichiro Oda will be broadcast on Fuji TV on November 21st. A visual to commemorate this was released.

The anime "ONE PIECE" that started broadcasting on October 20, 1999. In order to express gratitude to the fans, the program is preparing various anniversary projects to commemorate the 1000th episode, and the contents will be lifted little by little toward the broadcast on November 21st. In the first anniversary project, "1000 Episodes Commemorative Visual," Luffy and other Straw Hat Pirates and the Beasts Pirates, including Kaido, were depicted in opposition to them. The visual is scheduled to be broadcast at the end of the animation by several people every week from October 24th for 1000 episodes in a countdown system.


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