"Requiem of the Rose King" Anime's Key Visual and PV

Requiem of the Rose King

Aya Kanno original by TV key visual of the anime "Requiem of the Rose King", the main cast, the main staff, teaser PV, and CM was published in one fell swoop.

"Requiem of the Rose King", which will be broadcast for two consecutive courses from January 2022, is a dark fantasy based on Shakespeare's historical plays "Henry VI" and "Richard III". Set in medieval England during the War of the Roses, where the York and Lancaster families repeatedly vie for the throne, the fate of Richard, the third son of the York family, who has both genders, is depicted. Animation production by JCSTAFF, director by Kentaro Suzuki , series composition and screenplay by Hiroki Uchida, and character design by Riki Hashizume.

This time, it is clear that Mitsuki Saiga will play the role of Richard, Hikaru Midorikawa will play the role of Henry, and Sei Hayami will play the role of Richard the Duke of York . In addition, Kosuke Toriumi will play the role of Edward , Yasuaki Takumi will play the role of George , Satoshi Mikami will play the role of Earl of Warwick , Satoshi Hino will play the role of Katesby, Sayaka Ohara will play the role of Queen Margaret , Kohei Amasaki will play the role of Prince Edward , and Yoshitada Otsuka will play the narration. .. Comments from Saiga, Midorikawa, and Hayami also arrived.


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