Shikkakumon no Saikyou Kenja Anime's Trailer Reveals Opening & Ending Song

The latest PV of the TV anime "Shikkakumon no Saikyou Kenja" has been released. In the same PV, it was announced that the animation will be broadcast on TOKYO MX, BS11, and Sun TV from January 2022.

The anime "Shikkakumon no Saikyou Kenja" is based on the light novel "The Strongest Sage With Disqualification Crest-The Strongest Sage with the World Reincarnated to Become Stronger" by the Shinkoshoto. Gaias, a wise man who was touted as the strongest wizard in the world but felt the limit to the performance of the innate emblem, reincarnated in the world of the distant future in search of further strength, and is called "disqualification emblem". It is depicted as breaking down the common sense of the world with the name Matthias, which is the best emblem for battle.

Along with this announcement, it is also clear that the opening theme song is "Leap of faith" by fripSide , and the ending theme song is "Day of Bright Sunshine" by Yuki Nakashima . In the latest PV, you can hear the opening theme song "Leap of faith".

Furthermore, on official Twitter, to commemorate the release of the latest PV, a campaign will be held in which 50 people will win an Amazon gift certificate worth 1000 yen by lottery. Follow the official Twitter account (@shikkakumon_PR) of the anime "The Strongest Sage With Disqualification" and retweet the tweet to complete the application. The application period is from October 31st to November 7th at 23:59.

JCSTAFF is in charge of the animation production of "The Strongest Sage With Disqualification". Nina Tamaki will play the role of Matthias-Hildesheimer, who is a reincarnated figure of Gaias, Sayumi Suzushiro will play the role of Rurii-Arventrot , Haruka Shiraishi will play the role of Alma-Repsius , and Shiori Izawa will play the role of Iris .


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