Theatrical version "Penguindrum" teaser visual released, new BD-BOX of TV series released

The teaser visual of the movie version "Re: cycle of the PENGUINDRUM" has been released.

"Re: cycle of the PENGUINDRUM" will be released in 2022 as the first of the 10th anniversary project of the original animation "Penguindrum" directed by Kunihiko Ikuhara . A completely new part will be added to the reconstructed TV animation of all 24 episodes.

The teaser visual that has been lifted this time has a finish that makes us feel a new mystery with the beginning of the work that will be reborn after 10 years. It has also been decided that "Penguindrum Blu-ray RE: BOX [Limited Edition]" will be released on December 22nd. The Blu-ray BOX is a partial specification change from the Blu-ray BOX of the TV series released in 2015. All 24 episodes of the main story and video benefits are recorded on all 6 discs, and a booklet that has been re-edited and excerpted from the 1st to 8th volumes of Blu-ray released at the time of broadcasting in 2011 is also included.

Furthermore, as part of the 10th anniversary project, it was decided to carry out an industry-academia collaborative project with a specialized school, BTS. A competition for original game production by students will be held under the theme of "Penguindrum". Check the official website for details.


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