An original painting exhibition commemorating the 15th anniversary of "To LOVE-Ru" will be held in Tokyo Solamachi in November.

Kentaro Yabuki's "To LOVE-Ru" series written by Saki Hasemi will be held in Tokyo from November 6th to November 15th. It will be held at Space 634 in Tokyo Solamachi.

The main visual of the original painting exhibition drawn by Yabuki, in which the heroines are lined up, will also be released. Yabuki said, "If you think" To Love-Ru's original painting exhibition at Solamachi? Is it okay !? ", I feel the same (laughs) Regardless of how much exhibition is allowed, now that it has become a digital manuscript. I think it will be a very rare opportunity to see the raw manuscript! We are preparing for the key visuals, so please look forward to it !! " The contents of the exhibition will be released later.

Lawson Tickets will be sold in advance by lottery until October 24th, and general sales on a first-come, first-served basis will start on October 30th. As an admission privilege, one of the four "visual tickets" that use the original illustrations will be randomly selected and handed over at the reception desk at the original painting exhibition venue. In Shonen Jump +, all 162 episodes of "To LOVE-Ru" are being released for free for a limited time until November 15.


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